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Providing Unique and Never-Before-Seen Ad Space

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AdLumination is a digital out-of-home advertising company providing unique and never-before-seen ad space through our device, the Ad Puck.  The Ad Puck is a device that can be stuck anywhere, is activated through a motion sensor, and displays LED logo or Text that can be changed in an instant through our app. The flexibility of the placement Ad Puck gives access to be stuck to devices such as hand sanitizing stations, air hand drying machines, and more. The Ad Puck will be placed in high traffic locations such as grocery stores, malls, airports, and entertainment venues.


  • Daveler Scholar (1 of 5) : 2021 USF Frank & Ellen Daveler Business Competition (out of 82)

  • 2nd Place : 2020 University of Tampa CREATE Business Pitch Competition (out of 52)